Network Servers

You have a growing business. You're focused and you've got big plans. You know that technology can help you be more professional, proactive and competitive. You're outfitted with computers. But are you ready to take the plunge and buy a server? Are you ready for one of those big, burly computers that do…you're not quite sure what?

What Is a Server?
A server is a computer that serves up information to other computers—specifically, desktop PCs. The server distributes information from databases (such as customer, inventory and financial databases) to PC users as they request it. A server can also provide file and print sharing capabilities for a group of PCs.

Do I Need a Server NOW?
If your answer to any of the following questions is "yes," you're ready to move up to a server:

What Are the Benefits of a Server?

Why Can't I Just Use a PC As a Server?
Although PCs and servers are based on the same Intel architecture, there are fundamental differences. A PC is optimized to service a single user at a time and usually has user-friendly interface features, such as sound and fast graphics. A server, on the other hand, is optimized for high data throughput. The server manages large amounts of data needed by each client PC. As a result, a server is equipped with larger amounts of mass storage and has multiple network interface cards. In addition, because the server hosts your business's mission-critical data, it must meet a higher standard of reliability than a PC.

Are Server Solutions Ready for Prime-Time Small Business Use?
When it comes to technology, small businesses, like large companies, need complete business solutions. "Complete" means that a wide variety of compatible software applications and hardware systems are available, along with the technical expertise required to implement and support the technology solution.

PCX Computer Service is committed to helping small businesses implement complete solutions to their technology needs. As part of this effort, we work hard to ensure that all the pieces of platforms based on Intel architecture work together effectively. As a result, hundreds of small businesses around New Orleans run their operations successfully using PCX Computer Service's networking solutions.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Server?
When purchasing a server, choose one that is based on state-of-the-art industry architectures, such as Intel Pentium II processors. Intel architecture-based servers are easy to use and service and offer high reliability, high performance and widespread availability. Make sure your Motherboard is up to par too. PCX uses and recommends ASUS & Intel Mainboards. After all, the CPU is useless without this Main component. SCSI storage devices are always the best bet for a File Server. PCX recommends and uses Adaptec SCSI adapters which do not take utilization away from the CPU, instead it is able to make most data requests without the CPU therefore increasing overall performance. Along with the SCSI adapter, PCX recommends and uses
IBM SCSI Hard Drives and Hewlett Packard & Seagate Tape Drives. For more info on servers, check out what Microsoft recommends for your server.

Take the Plunge
A few years ago, high-reliability proprietary servers were priced beyond the reach of most small businesses. Today, affordable Pentium
II processors have made server technology a viable option for many small firms.

Microsoft's WIndows NT Server
PCX recommends Windows NT as your Small Business Server. Follow the link to find out why.

Now you know how servers work, how affordable they are, and how much they can do for your growing business. Isn't it time to take the plunge? Give PCX a call for a quote on a Network Server today.
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