Get Connected

Computing technology can increase employee productivity and help you manage your growing business better. While stand-alone PCs are useful, the "connected" office is even more productive.

One way of getting connected is to install a network that allows you to share resources and improve communication.

Another way is to connect to the world by linking your local network to the Internet.

Benefits of Getting Connected with Networking
A network is a group of computers and peripheral devices, such as printers and fax machines, that are connected via a Local Area Network (LAN). Installing a network in your growing business allows for resource sharing and can help your company accomplish the following:

What Type of Networking Is Right for My Business?
The type of network computing environment that is right for you depends on the size of your business and your specific computing requirements:

Benefits of a Client/Server Computing Environment
Incorporating a centralized server(s) into your network enables you to harness the processing power and services of client PCs and
servers. The server is responsible for providing functions such as electronic mail, Web connections and access to customer order status and inventory information. By centralizing shared resources on a dedicated server(s), data can be better maintained and controlled.

The building blocks of business computing are Intel or AMD processor-based PCX Computers clients and standard high volume servers. These servers are based on industry-leading Intel processors and off-the-shelf operating systems such as Microsoft Windows NT* Server and Novell NetWare*. Because Intel and AMD processor-based servers are widely available, there are many hardware and software components available for these servers—providing you with product value, product innovation and investment protection.

Servers based on the latest technology from Intel and AMD allow you to respond to changing business conditions. They provide scalable performance, built-in manageability and affordability. Your investment is secure because Intel and AMD processor-based servers have the largest software base in the industry. You can maintain your competitive edge through access to thousands of readily available software applications.

Benefits of Connecting to the Internet
Getting connected to the Internet allows you to communicate with customers and suppliers, gather and share information, and market your products or services through
electronic commerce. Linking to the Internet is relatively convenient and affordable for growing businesses and allows you to take advantage of the following:

Enhance Your Growing Business
You have the opportunity to enhance your growing business by getting connected with a LAN and Internet access. At some point, you may find that your stand-alone PCs no longer meet the demands of your growing company. That's the time to consider getting connected.